CKB:Activate Backup Rotation on Cryptshare Appliances under openSUSE

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Applies to:

Cryptshare Appliance from 3.12


Automatic backups are not deleted and fill the partition.


With version 3.12 of Cryptshare Server a new cleanup mechanism for old backups has been introduced. Using default settings, a backup of the Cryptshare database is made every night. Depending on the size of the database and the age of the Cryptshare Server, the partition where the backups are stored will fill over time with backups.


Please follow the instructions, to configure the new backup cleanup mechanism: Automated Backup Cleanup As soon as the automated backup cleanup is configured, the previously created cron job should be deleted:

  • log in as 'root' on the appliance
  • run the command 'rm /etc/cron.d/cleanup-backup'
rm /etc/cron.d/cleanup-backup