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Applies to:

All versions of Cryptshare for Notes


Error code 5000 in Cryptshare for Notes application


This error code occurs, if the Domino Server and the Cryptshare Server cannot establish a connection.


Check Firewall, Proxy, DMZ and DNS settings:
* In most cases the Domino and the Cryptshare Server cannot connect because of network restrictions or misconfiguration
To check if all necessary ports are open please see connectivity for Cryptshare for Notes
Follow the steps one by one
* Check if .jar file is placed right on the Domino server and all nessesary directorys are created
* Restart Domino server
* Verify correct Cryptshare Server URL (with http: | https:)
** If no DNS entry is available please enter IP address of Cryptshare server
* Temporary deactivate SSL/TLS connection
To ensure that the SSL/TLS connection is not responsible for the error, it is recommended to temporarily disable SSL/TLS on Cryptshare server and Domino server.
* Make sure Basic authentication for proxy server is deactivated

Basic authentication deactivated

The Domino update to the Domino server version V9.0.1 FP8 HF 238 has made a change to the file of the Domino Java environment.
The Basic authentication procedure for proxy servers has been disabled in this property file.
To use CS4N again, the last line of this file must be commented out. (With the character: #)
The file can be found in the directory: <Domino program directory>\jvm\lib
IMPORTANT: After changing the file, the domino server must be restarted for this change to take effect.

* Check if Cryptshare files signed with correct rights on Domino server