CKB:Adjusting policies

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Applies to

All versions of Cryptshare Server


The administrator is changing default settings (e.g. maximum size per transfer) in the Administration Interface and the changes are not taking effect.


Default settings are used for creating new policies but not applied to existing policies . Following entries in the Administration Interface are default settings:

In order to change a setting, the existing policy has to be changed. If you want to apply the system settings to all policies, you can apply them like shown in option 2.


To apply the change for existing policies, you first need to navigate to the policy settings (System-Settings → Policy Settings).


Option 1

  1. Open the policy on which you want to apply the system settings.


2. Navigate through the selected policy and adjust the system settings (e.g. valid password modes) you want to change. After adjusting the system settings in the policy apply the changes.


3. Please make sure to save the changes. 33228168.png

Option 2

If you want to apply system settings to all policies proceed like shown below.

  1. Click on Load default settings


2. Navigate to Yes when you will be asked to remove all rules from the database


3. Please make sure to save the changes. 33228171.png