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 Cryptshare for Notes Error Codes

The following table lists the error codes and generic message texts that are returned by the Cryptshare Server or the Crpytshare for Notes application.

10 The requesting product is not licensed: xyz The Cryptshare Server license does not grant the use of this product.
20 No activity deposited
30 Wrong use of the Cryptshare service. The request cannot be handled. Wrong use of the Cryptshare service. The request cannot be handled.
40 The request is invalid. The following parameter is missing: xyz The submitted request is missing a required parameter.
41 The given data is not valid: xyz Due to specific server or policy settings the request with the given data is not allowed to be performed.
45 Missing parameter for Cryptshare Robot API
50 Unknown language
60 This client/sender is not verified yet. The requested operation is only allowed for verified clients. This client or sender is not verified, and the requested operation is only allowed for verified clients and senders.
70 Invalid data according to policy Unauthorized combination of sender and receiver
80 Error in pre-processing The virusscan (clamAV) detected a problem
110 Error initializing client The client could not be initialized. Maybe the client store was corrupted, or a connection to the server could not be established.
120 Error initializing web service operation The web service operation could not be initialized.
130 Error performing web service operation An error occurred while trying to perform the web service operation.
135 SSL error Incorrect SSL certificate or faulty certificate configuration
140 Error in cryptshare server response
150 Error in Cryptshare server response
160 Error in Cryptshare server response
170 Error in key of store file Key invalid
180 Maximum file upload size exceeded
190 Too less space for file upload on Cryptshare server available
1000 Error that can not be assigned
5000 An unspecified failure occurred Check KB article for more information