CKB:When sending the password via SMS, an exception with the message "The password is not set" is shown

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Affected to:

Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook from version 2.5.0


You want to send the Cryptshare transfer password via SMS but when starting the transfer, an exception with the message "The password is not set" is shown.

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Message = The password is not set.
Parameternaam: Password
ParamName = Password
Data = System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
InnerException = 
TargetSite = System.String BuildMessage(System.String, com.befine_solutions.cs4outlook.models.sms.dataobjects.SmsGatewayMessageObj)
StackTrace = bij com.befine_solutions.cs4outlook.controllers.main.ControllerSmsGatewayStatic.BuildMessage(String message, SmsGatewayMessageObj smsGatewayMessageObj)
bij com.befine_solutions.cs4outlook.controllers.main.ControllerSmsGatewayStatic.InitiateSmsSending(TransferUploadInfoObj transferDownloadInfoObj, AccountSettingsObj accountSettingsObj, WPFSubpaneHost wpfSubpaneHost, TransferSettingsObj transferSettingsObj)
HelpLink = 
Source = com.befine_solutions.cs4outlook
HResult = -2147024809


This issue occurs when disabling the option to save transfer passwords locally.


Please enable the option to save passwords locally. This option can be found in Settings > Add-In Settings > Store passwords