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Configuration Send-Options

The "Rule-based e-mail delivery" includes all e-mails that have been delivered to Cryptshare for Notes via Domino server rule(s). This could be e-mails from third party applications or e-mails that were forwarded to Cryptshare for Notes due to their size. Delimitation: "Manually created e-mail" includes all messages that have been manually selected by the user for delivery by Cryptshare, e.g. by using the Cryptshare toolbar icon, or by using the "Send with Cryptshare" checkbox in the integration into the e-mail template. 45515380.png

Label Comment
Email handling in case of rule based processing How do you want to deal with messages that come into Cryptshare.nsf based on Domino rules:

Only send file attachments via Cryptshare Only the file attachments are provided as Cryptshare downloads. The original message will be complemented by an informational text and a download link and sent as regular e-mail message. Send complete message as EML file The complete message (body text and attachments) is converted into an EML file and provided as Cryptshare download. Instead of the original message a standard notification is sent to the recipients to inform them that a confidential message is available for download to them.

Which subject should be reported to the recipient email Choose how the subject line should look

Always show original subject Shows original subject without any changes Encrypt always subject Subject will be the one configured in the language file instead of the original subject. The standard setting is "Confidential message"

Password options for rule-based processing.

For messages that are automatically processed using server-side rules you can select if recipients have to provide a password to download the files or not.

Password-protected download

The sender of the message receives an e-mail confirmation from Cryptshare for Notes that informs him about the password that Cryptshare has used to protect the files. The recipient needs to provide the password to be able to retrieve the files. The sender needs to exchange the password with the recipient on a separate way. For messages that are processed rule-based and that already have a password set in the corresponding filed, this password is used and no password is generated by the system.

Download without password

The password is automatically created by the system and sent to the recipient as part of the download link. The e-mail recipient can download the file without having to enter a password. The sender does not get a confirmation message containing the password.

Please note that this option offers less security than the other password options as the password is sent to the recipient in plain text in an unencrypted e-mail. Exception: For messages that are processed rule-based and that already have a password set in the corresponding field, this password is used and no password is generated by the system (see chapter). In this case the recipient needs to enter this password to download the files. You should use a password which is already known to the recipient, as neither the sender nor the recipient are informed about the password by the application.
Send notification e-mail to sender Should the sender of an e-mail that was processed rule-based receive a notification e-mail including password once the e-mail has been successfully made available to the recipients?

Never (password must be supplied in the Notes text field "UserPassword" in the e-mail) The sender does not receive an e-mail confirmation once the e-mail sent by them has been made available for download to the recipient. For this purpose, the encrypted password must be included in the additional text field UserPassword in the e-mail sent by the sender so that it can be used. Always The e-mail sender receives a notification e-mail with the password of the transfer. Always except when... The sender of the e-mail receives a notification e-mail unless the e-mail includes a text field CS4N_UploadInfo with the value "1".

Send notification e-mail to sender Do you want the sender to receive a confirmation about successful upload to the Cryptshare Server in case of messages that have been processed automatically based on rules?
Information e-mail to sender Once the e-mail recipient has downloaded the e-mail, a delivery confirmation is sent to the sender of the e-mail.