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Use this tab to set up a basic configuration your CS4N application such as the locations of other related databases (e.g. names.nsf, Log Application, Forwarder Application) or Agent Control.


Section: Log Application

All events that are relevant for running CS4N are logged in the Log Application. The level of detail is depending on the log level setting.

Label Comment
Log-Level Defines the level of detail for log entries.

No = Logging deactivated.

Important = Only important events are logged.

Info = Important and informational data are being logged.

Debug = All details that might be relevant for problem analysis are being logged.

Log output to Select where you would like the status information to be logged to.
Name of Log Application Select name and location of the Cryptshare Log Application.

Section: Domino Directory

Access to the Domino Directory is required for resolving name and access groups as well as internet e-mail addresses.

Label Comment
Directory (names.nsf) Select the Directory that Cryptshare for Notes should work with.

Section: Forwarder Application

The Forwarder Application is required to forward messages that are processed by server-side rules in a Domino Infrastructure with multiple Domino Servers (see Operating Modes Overview).

Label Comment
Forwarder Application Activate or deactivate the CS4N Forwarder feature.
Name of Forwarder-DBs If you are using one or many Forwarder Applications you can register them here.