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Agent "BEFINE_CheckAgentRun"

This agent checks periodically whether all periodical agents that have been set up in the Cryptshare Log application are enabled. We recommend running it every 30 minutes.

Agent "BEFINE_CheckForwarderRun"

This agent checks periodically whether the periodical transfer agent in any installed CS4N Forwarder Applications is still active. The interval is pre-set to every 30 minutes on every day.

Agent "BEFINE_StartCryptshare"

Periodically starts the transfer of the e-mails to the Cryptshare server and checks the status of the enabled/current transactions. The pre-set start-up interval is 5 minutes.

The maximum run time of the agents can be specified in the configuration document of the Domino server (Tab "Server-Tasks" --> "Agent Manager").

We recommend setting the maximum runtime of agents at least to 20 minutes. Depending on the size of the files to be sent and the number of e-mails, a higher value may be preferable. The settings of the application and the agent manager settings need to be taken into consideration (Sub-Tab: "Domino Server Settings"). To avoid delays at daytime, the minimum number of agents running simultaneously should be set at least to 2.

Changing Agent Settings
When changing the settings of periodic agents in the configuration, make sure to sign the application afterwards. This is required in case the signature of the person that has made the changes does not have agent execution rights on the Domino Server.