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Use this tab to configure how CS4N should save messages sent manually in the sender's personal mail file. 65671076.png

Label Comment
Cryptshare e-mails in the personal mailbox

If this option is activated, all incoming and outgoing Cryptshare transfer mails from Notes / Outlook and from the Cryptshare web application are stored encrypted in the personal mailbox with the ID of the mailbox owner. This means that only the mailbox owner can read these emails. People who are authorized to read the e-mail inbox can no longer read these e-mails.

The encryption of the email in the personal mailbox is only possible if the Cryptshare for Notes integration has been carried out in the personal email mailboxes of the employees.
E-mail server

In order to be able to encrypt the Cryptshare emails in the mailboxes of the employees, the Domino server on which the respective mailboxes are located must be specified. Multiple selection of servers is possible. In order for the encryption function to work, two entries are added to the Domino server INI. If it is not possible to create the INI entries on the server (s) from the configuration page, this is indicated in a dialog. The server INI entries are created by pressing the button 65671075.png. In the event of a problem, the following message appears: 65671073.png

Storage options for storing email in a personal mailbox The selected options will be taken into account when:
  • When using the Cryptshare for Notes form, the settings in the lower section allow saving of the e-mails to be sent.
  • If the settings of the Notes client allow the saving of sent e-mails when using the integration into the personal mailbox.

Always save without attachments A copy of the e-mail is saved in the personal mail file of the sender. The copy does not contain any attachments. Always save messages including attachments A copy of the e-mail is saved in the personal mail file of the sender. The copy includes all attachments. (Note: Please take mail file size quotas into account when using this option. Also, you might want to activate DAOS on your Domino Server to keep mail file size low.) Let the user decide The user can decide how to deal with each message individually. When using this mode, the threshold values apply that can be set below.

Activate Warning Threshold Activate or deactivate the check of the total message size against the warning threshold.
Show a warning when exceeding Warning threshold size in Mbyte. If the message size exceeds this value, a warning will be shown to the user and display the total message size.
Maximum Total Message Size Maximum Size in Mbyte. If the message exceeds this limit, the original message cannot be saved in the personal mail file.
Hide "Send" button Show or hide the "Send" button in the CS4N e-mail form.
Hide "Send and file" button Show or hide the "Send and file" button in the CS4N e-mail form.
E-Mail Storage in the personal mailbox

Select how Cryptshare should generally file messages in the personal mail file. Never: No copy of the email is saved in the sender's outbox. The settings in the upper section "General E-Mail Storage Options" therefore no longer have any effect. Always: A copy of the e-mail is always saved in the outbox of the sender. Always ask: User will always be asked whether a copy of the e-mail should be saved in the outbox of the sender. Client - Setting:

Personal save options for Notes mail will have priority, therefore the "Storage options" settings above may have no effect. Saving file attachments to your personal mailbox is performed taking into account the options listed in the "General E-Mail Storage Options" section.