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Section: Log Application

This section contains settings concerning the Log Application.

Label Comment
Log Level No logging = Logging does not take place.

Important = Only important events are logged.

Info = Important and informational data are being logged.

Debug = All details that might be relevant for problem analysis are being logged.

Log output to Select where you would like the status information to be logged to.
Name of Log Application Select name and location of the Cryptshare Log Application.

Section: Delete Log Documents

Set up when old entries will be deleted from the log and what to do with errors in the Log DB.

Label Comment
Deletion Agent Status Enable or disable the Deletion Agent.
Domino Server Select the Domino Server on which you want the Agent to run.
Delete documents after x days Entries will be deleted after the specified number of days is elapsed. We recommend 7 days or more so you will have enough information to track down the error in case of a problem.
If you change the value in the field "Domino Server" you need to sign the application afterwards.

Section: Agent Monitoring

Set up the control agent to verify regularly if required periodical agents of CS4N are enabled (and not disabled by a design update or otherwise).

Label Comment
Agent Monitoring Status If active, regular checks are performed to check that periodic agents are activated in the Cryptshare Application.
Starts on the following days Choose on which days you want to perform checks.
Agent Start Time Define if you want to check in a certain time frame only or all day.
Starts only between Define the time frame in which you want to check.
Domino Server Domino Server running the Log Application.
Name of Cryptshare Application Select the Cryptshare Application on the Domino Server.
Monitoring Mode Select the action you want to take in case a periodic agent is disabled.
E-mail Recipient Who should be notified in case of a problem?
Subject Notification subject
E-mail Text Notification text