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This checklist is intended to serve as a guide for the administrator as to the steps in which the installation of the applications is to be carried out. More detailed information on the individual points can be found in the following chapters.

  • Set up the ACL Settings for CS4N application
  • Set up the Application Administrator Access CS4N Log
  • Sign the CS4N template
  • Sign the CS4N application (delivered pre-configured)
  • Sign the CS4N Log template
  • Create the CS4N Log application from the CS4N Log template
  • Copy the .jar file to the Domino Server and restart the Domino Server or alternatively adapt the java.policy file on the Domino server. 
  • If the Cryptshare Server uses a private (self-generated) SSL certificate, this needs to be added to the Domino Server Key Ring File
  • Open Cryptshare.nsf with a user that has the role "Administrator" and perform the following settings in the database setup:
    • Configure the LOG DB settings
    • Set up the File Upload Agent
    • Configure the agent monitoring
    • Set Internet E-Mail Addresses
    • Set up access rights on the "Miscellaneous" Tab
    • Set up the user interface language
    • Set up e-mail archiving settings
    • Set up Cryptshare Server connection settings
    • Register Client ID on Cryptshare Server
    • Define Operating Mode and notification language
    • Set up server-side rules (depending of operating mode used or handling notification for internal recipients)
    • Set up size limits for sending and saving of e-mails.
    • Set up e-mail texts and settings for the e-mail sender
    • Set up e-mail texts and settings for the e-mail recipient
    • Set up time monitoring
    • Set up error handling
  • Open the CS4N Log Application as Administrator
  • Perform the following settings in the About Configuring the CS4N Log Application:
    • Set up Log Application settings
    • Set up Log Monitoring
    • Set up Log Error Notification
    • Set up Agent Monitoring
  • After having configured both applications (Cryptshare.nsf and Cryptshare-Log.nsf) sign both applications
  • Optional: Roll out the Cryptshare Toolbar Icon to the Notes Clients