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In order to use a multple Domino server environment, the following should be considered:

  • The upload of the e-mails takes place from a single Domino server.
  • Domino server rules will only be processed by the Domino server responsible for uploading the e-mails.
CS4N is not compatible with clustered servers

For example: The CS4N application is installed on DomSrv01. DomSrv02 (branch server) is setup to replicate with DomSrv01. There are two possibilities to transfer e-mails from DomSrv02 to DomSrv01: 1) Implement the CS4N Forwarder application All e-mails from DomSrv02 will be transferred with help from Domino server rules to the CS4N Forwarder application. The CS4N Forwarder application periodically copies all of its e-mails to the CS4N application on DomSrv01. They will then be processed on DomSrv01 as normal. 2) Create a replica of CS4N on the respective Domino servers. (v2.10 or newer) Create a replica on the branch server DomSrv02. Redirect all emails from DomSrv02 using Domino server rules to this replica. Once replication occurs, e-mails will replicate to DomSrv01. They will then be processed on DomSrv01 as normal.