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Use this notification scheme to handle all error messages that are not covered by Notification Scheme 1. The type of errors handled here should be error messages that are only relevant to the system administrator, such as: 120 – Sender not verified 130 – HTTP error 45515402.png

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Report Error to Select who should be notified in case of problems:
  • Administrator
  • Sender
  • Administrator and sender
  • Nobody
Administrator E-Mail Address The e-mail address of the administrator who will be notified in case of problems.
Add link to document If active a document link will be added to the escalation message that takes you directly to the message causing the escalation.
Notification language Select the language to be used for the escalation message. The languages available for selection are depending on the settings you have made on the "Rules" tab.
Subject The subject of the alert. To make it easier for the recipient to understand what the notifications refer to, the placeholder {original e-mail subject} can be used here.
E-Mail Text The text can be customised using formatting and placeholders.

Available placeholders:

  • {date created} = Date and time of message creation
  • {phone number sender} = Sender’s telephone number
  • {agent runtime escalation period} = Escalation time in minutes in case of time-out
  • {original e-mail subject} = Subject of the message to be transferred
  • {original e-mail distribution list} = List of recipients of the original email (without Blindcopyto)
  • {original e-mail sendto distribution list} = Sendto list of the original email
  • {original e-mail copyto distribution list} = Copyto list of the original email
  • {original e-mail blindcopyto distribution list} = Blindcopyto list of the original email