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This tab can be used to define access and storage rights for users. Use the section "Rights for Manual Transfers" to grant access for up to 5 priority levels as well as configure the maximum transfer size. The priority levels marked as active are checked for the name of the sender top-down. The setting with the first match will be used. You can use individual user names or directory groups.


All rights settings made here only apply to messages generated manually. They do not influence the rule-based processing of messages in any way.
Label Comment
Method for resolving groups Select the method you want to use for directory group resolution of groups used in the priority level fields. You choose between a method using an @Formula or a Lotus Script based method. Both have specific advantages and disadvantages. In general, we recommend using the @Formula based method as it is faster. However for installations with a very large number of users (several thousand users and nested groups) the result of the group resolution may exceed the technical limit of 64 KB which may cause this method to fail.
Priority Levels The names of e-mail senders are checked top-down against the names listed in the priority levels. The rules of the first priority level where the sender is listed as member will be used. Groups are resolved recursively. You can use the asterisk "*" symbol as wildcard.
Active Only people and/or groups that are listed in active priority levels are eligible to use Cryptshare for Notes messages manually.
People and Groups Names and/or groups of people to whom this rule should apply to.
Max. Size Maximum size for messages to be transferred vie Cryptshare. If the total size of all attachments exceeds this value, the message cannot be sent.