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A periodic agent checks if the selected periodic agent in the Forwarder application is active. The startup interval is 30 minutes. These settings are only relevant if the Forwarder application is in use. If the setting "Forwarder-Application" is set to "Not installed", the settings in this tab are not used. 21823680.png

Label Comment
Agent Monitoring Status active = Agent runs periodically with an interval of 30 minutes.
Run on the following days Select the days on which the monitoring agent should run.
Agent start time All day or only in configurable time window.
Agents to be monitored Select the agent to be monitored in the CS4N LOG application.
Monitoring Mode Select how to react in case of an deactivated Agent.
E-Mail Recipients Select who to notify in case the agent is inactive.
Subject Email subject line.
Message Text Message body text.