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Cryptshare requires the sender’s internet e-mail address to check against policy rules on the Cryptshare Server and to deliver the download notification back to the sender. 45515337.png

Label Comment
Field in the Person Document of

your Domino Directory defining

the sender Internet E-Mail Address.

Define which field in the Person Document of the sender contains the valid Internet E-Mail Address.
If there are multiple entries in the selected field, CS4N will use the first entry only. Default field: Internet E-Mail Address.
Internet Domain

If you selected "Short Name/UserID" in the field above, you need to enter the domain part that should be used to create the complete internet address of the sender.

You have selected the option "Short Name/UserID". The field in the Person Document contains the short name "john.doe".

You have entered "cryptshare.com" into the "Internet Domain" field.

The system combines both information to the internet address john.doe@cryptshare.com.