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Label Comments
Send notification to Select who the e-mail notifications should be sent to

Sender: Will only be sent to the sender. Other recipient: Selection will be shown for other recipients. Sender and other recipient: Will be sent to the sender as well as other recipients. Sending the password to other recipients is a good idea when there are multiple people involved in a case (e.g. in a call centre) who might need to inform the recipient of the password.

Further Recipient(s) Enter further recipients who should be notified. This field is only visible if "other recipient" or "Sender and other recipient" are selected above.
Prevent copying Do you want to activate the Notes property "Prevent copying" for the e-mail message that Cryptshare sends to the internal message sender?
Inform the sender in case of manual e-mails

Do you want the sender to receive an e-mail confirmation containing the password if the message has been manually created as Cryptshare message? Never No e-mail confirmation will be sent Always with password E-mail will always be sent to the sender containing the password Always without password E-mail will always be sent to the sender, but will not contain the password Selectable by sender The user can choose whether to get an e-mail or not

If the "Create password automatically" option is used when sending an e-mail, an info e-mail with password is always sent to the sender of the e-mail, regardless of the above settings.