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On this tab you can define how many Agents can be used by CS4N concurrently. Each concurrent transfer of a file from the Domino Server to the Cryptshare Server requires one agent to run. Using this setting you can prevent CS4N from hindering other applications to start their agents even if a large number of transfers need to be processed.

According to the Domino Server Document 4 Agents may run parallel. CS4N may use up to 2 agents parallel. This setting makes sure that at least 2 agents can be used by other applications at any time.


The button 21823683.pngopens the Server document in the Domino Directory allowing you to check how many concurrent agents your Domino Server is allowed to run. We suggest setting up a minimum of 2 whereby 1 agent should be used by CS4N. The button 21823684.png shows all current information about max. number of agents and agent runtime in the current document.

Label Comment
Domino Server Name Name of the selected Domino Server.
Domino Server Version Version of the selected Domino Server.
Max. number of concurrent agents for Cryptshare file upload. Maximum number of concurrent agents that CS4N may use. The max. number of agents should be small than the max. number of concurrent agents in the Server Document to make sure that a large amount of CS4N traffic does not block other Domino applications to run their agents.
Start new uploads only if current runtime has not exceeded x% of maximum runtime. The agent "BEFINE_StartCryptshare" processes messages sequentially until the queue is empty or until the defined percentage of the maximum agent runtime has been exceeded. This should prevent that a running upload process is cancelled by the Domino Server because the maximum agent runtime is exceeded. If there are still messages in the queue when the agent stops uploading new files, these will be processed when the agent runs next time.