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In an environment with multiple Domino Servers you may have the situation that you want to set up server-side rules for messages being sent on all of those Domino Servers, but want only one or few Domino Servers in that environment to perform the processing and uploading of the messages to the Cryptshare Server in a central place. The Cryptshare for Notes Forwarder Application is used to forward messages that are selected for Cryptshare Transfers based on server-side rules from Servers that do not have Cryptshare for Notes installed to those that do have Cryptshare for Notes installed. This is necessary as the mail rules that can be set up in the Domino Directory can only place messages into databases on the same server, not on other servers of the Domino Domain. Even if such a setup is accepted by the Domino Directory, the setting does not have an effect. The Forwarder Application solves this issue. The Forwarder Application can be used to forward messages from servers that do not have the Cryptshare for Notes application installed, but do have mail rules set up to those servers that run the Cryptshare for Notes application and can process the messages. 21823522.png