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On this tab you can define how CS4N should behave if an EML file opened in HCL Notes and is forwarded by the user. 45515386.png

Label Comment
Show storage posibility ot the EML file in the CS4N Icon dialog

If this option is set to „yes“ the user can click on the CS4N icon to import the displayed EML file as new message into the Inbox of his personal mail file.


Forward / Reply This option defines what happens to a displayed EML file when the user clicks on „Forward“ or „Reply“.
Change EML save location
With the Notes INI entry "CS4N_EMLTargetApp" the storage of the EML file can be redirected to a separate application. This INI entry must be stored on the designated Notes clients.

Syntax: CS4N_EMLTargetApp=servername#filepath#foldername (where foldername is optional)

Example: CS4N_EMLTargetApp=Dom01/Servername#cryptshare\EML_Archive.nsf#($Inbox)