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HCL Domino and Operating System versions

  • HCL Domino Server (as specified in Prerequisites and conditions) on one of the following operating systems::
    • Windows Server 2008 (32bit or 64bit)
    • Windows Server 2012 (32bit or 64bit)
    • Linux (all versions supported by HCL Domino)

Java JVM version

  • Java JVM 1.8 or higher


There is a known Problem that can occur from Domino V12 onwards for agents im imported Java. To prevent this error from occuring, a parameter must be added to the notes.ini on the Domino Server:

TLS Version 1.2 is recommended

Only for Domino servers < V 10

TLS 1.0 is deactivated by default from version 4.1 onwards and was moved to the newer and more secure version TLS 1.2. We therefore recommend that the Domino server is updated to run with TLS 1.2. However, if this is not possible then TLS 1.0 can be configured on the Cryptshare server. To reconfigure Domino to use TLS 1.2, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a text file with the name jvmOptions.txt and with the following content:
  1. Save the file in a directory that is readable by the Domino server, e.g. `C:\JVM\jvmOptions.txt`
  2. Add the following line to the ini-file of your Domino server and make sure to adjust the path accordingly.
  1. Reboot the Domino server.

Database Templates

It is not required to modify any standard HCL database templates (such as the mail template), but this can optionally be done.


Cryptshare for Notes does not support Domino clustering. Please make sure that Agents are assigned to run on a dedicated server (see Tab "General").