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Updating the CS4N Forwarder application

The update of the CS4N forwarder only needs to be carried out if you use the Forwarder.

  • Compact CS4N forwarder templates (with the default settings).
  • Sign the CS4N forwarder template (with the default settings).
The signing of the database takes place in the background with a confirmation of success. Please ensure that the signing process is completed before proceeding with the next steps.

Replace the design (do not use the “Refresh Design” feature) with the new, empty design template that you have previously created. This will make sure that all design elements of the current application are deleted from the database.


Please check the result by opening the application in Domino Designer and making sure that all design elements have been removed. If required, remove remaining design elements manually.
  • Change the template to CS4N Forwarder template. Thus, it is made sure that all design elements in the CS4N Forwarder application originate from the CS4N Forwarder template.
  • Uncheck the box "Hide formulas and LotusScript".


  • Start the CS4N Forwarder application, open the configuration page and save it once. Click on System info and check the CS4N Forwarder version.LOG Info Dialog EN.png