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Messages can be created and sent via Cryptshare using the Cryptshare E-Mail form. You can open the form in different ways. Either by using the Cryptshare for Notes SmartIcon, a bookmark or a tile pointing to Cryptshare.nsf or via a link.

If standard users open Cryptshare.nsf using a bookmark or a tile, the application immediately shows the e-mail form. Only administrators can see the navigator described in chapter CS4N User Interface Main View. They can also get to the form by clicking the "New e-mail" button in the navigation.

If you use the SmartIcon, you always get the e-mail form directly.

All settings in the form default to the settings that have been used last time.

E-Mail Form EN.png

Nr Function Comment
1 To: Shows the standard Notes address selection screen.
2 Contents to encrypt Select the contents you want to send securely: The complete message (including body text) or just the attachments.
3 Password options The available options are depending on the configuration.
4 Notification Language Language for the text blocks and download information that is incorporated into the e-mail text.
5 Button: Attach files Shows a file selection screen.
6 Signature The e-mail signature from the user’s personal mail file is incorporated into the body field.
7 Button: Close Closes the current message.
8 Button: Send Sends the message. Depending on the size of the message and the start-up interval of the transfer agent this may take several minutes.
9 Button: Send and save... Sends the message and saves it in the sender’s personal mail file with or without the attachments (depending on size and configuration).
10 Check recipients Checks the list of recipients against the Cryptshare Policy to see if sending to all recipients is allowed.
11 Size limit information Shows the maximum total size of all attachments that can be sent in one transfer.
12 Retention period information The date when the files will be deleted from the Cryptshare Server.
13 WEB Link to the Cryptshare Web Frontend (customisable).
14 Defaults The following settings can be saved as the default:

- Send options of the currently opened e-mail

- Focus colour of the input fields

E-Mail configuration EN.png
15 Make a wish Report any suggestion for improvement or ideas for the product to the Cryptshare AG.


No. Function Comments
1 Password field Enter a password in both fields
2 Show Password Clicking this will show you your password in plain text.
3 Password criteria

The password criteria is configured on the CS web server. The status will be updated when your press the tab key or clicking the mouse.

Field key: Grey - no status available

Field key: Red - password quality criteria wasn't satisfied

Field key: Green - password quality was satisfied

Clicking the individual password quality icons will show help text.
4 Password assistance Red = shows messages as to why the password quality wasn't satisfied.

Also includes information relating to the delivery method of the e-mail