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Cryptshare for Notes provides a solution to transfer confidential and/or large files across company boundaries. The file size is unlimited when connecting to Cryptshare 3 WEB-Server or higher.

Cryptshare for Notes can be set up to automatically remove attached files from e-mails being sent via Notes, and to insert a configurable text containing the download link instead.

The files are encrypted and transferred to the Cryptshare server. Usually, the server is located in the DMZ of the sending party.

The e-mail message is sent in the usual way without attachments but complemented by a text block containing the download link.

The recipient can click on the link in the message and enter the password that the sender provides in a separate way in order to download the file(s) securely. To do this, the recipient is pointed to an easy-to-use Web portal whose design can be adjusted to match the corporate design of your company. External parties can use this portal to transfer encrypted data back to you.

Apart from the automatic, rule-based processing of messages, CS4N can be used to send large or confidential files manually. For this purpose, a separate memo form is made available through clicking a SmartIcon. In case of manually triggered transfers the files are transferred directly from the Notes Client to Cryptshare.nsf on the Domino server. As a result, the Domino routing process is not used to send the attachments. After processing the file attachments, only a download link is added to the e-mail to the recipient which is sent out. Thus the load on your e-mail system is significantly reduced.

Detailed logs of all processes ensure that transfers can be easily traced and audited. The Cryptshare server can accommodate a virus scanner that will provide protection from malicious code. You can easily change the language of the user interface and add languages as necessary.

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This document describes the technical and administrative settings and actions to perform during the course of installation, configuration and maintenance of the application "Cryptshare for Notes" (hereafter CS4N).