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Cryptshare for OWA is an add-on product for Office 365. It can be used in the browser.


The administration section for OWA on the Cryptshare Server allows to setup and administer your Cryptshare for OWA clients from the Cryptshare Server administration interface. It is possible to upload new add-on versions in this section in order to provide an Office 365 add-in manifest URL which is required to setup the OWA add-in in the Outlook environment.

Hosted Content
Please note, that the Cryptshare Server is hosting the uploaded content under a dedicated file system location on the server. This is a prerequisite for OWA clients to work properly. Do not manually change content in this directory or add additional resources to it. Cryptshare AG is not responsible for hosting resources other than for the intended purpose and will not grant support services in case of problems caused by not following this requirement.