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Obtaining a Cryptshare for OWA Release

You may obtain the latest version of Cryptshare for OWA in the Cryptshare Customer section on the Pointsharp GmbH Homepage.


To install and use the OWA add-in, the following steps are required:

  • Enable SSL / HTTPS on the Cryptshare Server
  • Upload the add-in to the Cryptshare Server
  • Create an app registration permitting Microsoft Graph access on the Microsoft Azure App Portal
  • Upload CSOW language packs to the Cryptshare Server
  • Deploy the provided add-in via Microsoft Exchange Online
SSL/HTTPS is mandatory!
The add-in cannot function without SSL or HTTPS being set up correctly. Refer to SSL & HTTPS Access for setup instructions. For additional information, refer to the related guide in the Server documentation.

First installation steps

Before continuing, make sure that SSL/HTTPS access is enabled on the server.

In order to finalize the installation, you must be able to access the Microsoft Azure App Portal, and have the permissions to create new application registrations for your tenant.

Upload the add-in

1. Open the administration interface of the Cryptshare Server and navigate to Add-on Products → Cryptshare for OWA. The opened view will display information about the currently installed add-in, if available, and provides the option to upload the add-in package.

2. Click on 'Browse...' and select the previously downloaded .zip file. FileBrowseDialogue.png72319892.png

3. Click on 'Upload Add-In' to start the upload process. UploadAddinButton.png

4. After the add-in has been installed successfully, the view should update with relevant information about the installed add-in version.


5. Copy the manifest URL to your clipboard (Ctrl+C), or store it somewhere else for the time being. You will need this to deploy the add-in once ready.

Setting up Micosoft Graph Access

The add-in utilizes Microsoft Graph to provide some of it's functionality. This requires registering an application on the Azure App platform, and granting it the relevant permissions for your desired tenants.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation on Azure app registration.

Upload language packages

Please refer to the Server documentation 'Installing Language Packages' on how to install language packages.

Language packages for the OWA add-in are available here.


The Add-in is now provided by the Cryptshare Server at the manifest URL you have copied in the previous steps.

To make it accessible to your users, you will have to deploy the add-in.

You need to use Microsoft 365 Admin Center to give your Users access to the Add-In The following links will redirect to the knowledgebase articles of Microsoft for the respective setups. Follow the "Custom Apps" sections of these guides.

Single-User deployment has changed
Due to changes made in Outlook by Microsoft, the process of adding custom add-ins to single user installations has recently changed. Please follow the instructions found in the official documentation below, as they are subject to change with the releases of newer Outlook on the Web clients.