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The Cryptshare for OWA add-in, as all other kinds of OWA add-ins, does only operate correctly under HTTPS access. It is therefore important to assure the following:

  • The base URL of the Cryptshare Server is a HTTPS URL
  • The redirect to HTTPS is activated
  • The manifest URL is a HTTPS URL
  • A valid/trusted SSL certificate is installed on server-side.

Instructions on how to install an SSL certificate on the server can be found in the Cryptshare Server Manual If one of these preconditions is not fulfilled, users will receive an SSL error and may be confronted with the following error screen:


In this case, the user can get more information by clicking on 'Show more details ...' or by opening the console of the browser by pressing F12.

No Remote Logging
Please note, that under this circumstances remote logging cannot be used for error analysis, as the underlying connection is not established.