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Cryptshare for OWA requires 2 server components:

  • An Exchange Online Server with active user accounts.
  • The Cryptshare Server with a valid Cryptshare for OWA license installed.

In order for users to be presented with the Cryptshare for OWA add-in button within Outlook on the web, an Exchange Online Server offering the ability to sideload an add-in manifest.xml file is required. The manifest.xml file essentially acts as a bridge between Outlook on the web and the actual add-in location – it defines the button label and the web server location the button should point to.

Cryptshare Server

The Cryptshare Server hosts all add-in resources and provides server-side administration for specific aspects of the add-in. These are:

In order to see if your Cryptshare Server is capable of hosting Cryptshare for OWA add-ins, please take a look at the compatibility table in the chapter System Requirements.


As with all Cryptshare add on Products, Cryptshare for OWA also requires a valid license. You can check your license by visiting the license section of the Cryptshare Server administration interface.


If you do not see a row for Cryptshare for OWA, please get in contact with your Cryptshare sales representative in order to get a new license. Customers owning a Cryptshare Enterprise License or the Cryptshare Business Pack can request a new license at no additional cost.

Microsoft Exchange/Exchange Online

Cryptshare for OWA can be used together with Exchange Online. Microsoft Exchange on-premise is not supported. Please check out Cryptshare for Outlook if you are interested in a Cryptshare Integration for on-premise products.