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Important Update Notes

New Language Package Version 4 required
Please note that this update requires the new language packages of version 4. You can download the new language packages here.


  • Dark mode is now available. It can be enabled in the add-in user settings, and is persistent across sessions.

Additional changes

  • When a transfer has expired, the download button is disabled
  • Increased accessibility through alternative text for all images
  • It is now clearer that remote logging is off
  • The client ID necessary to set up remote logging has been made clearer and easier to copy
  • Improved look and feel of the CORS dialogue
  • Replaced the internal logging structure with a custom solution
  • Added secruity and vulnerability patches
  • Updated internal script system to the newest version
  • Improved readability of disabled buttons
  • Improved remote logging


  • Fixed a bug where a leading blank character in the password could interfere with the download of a transfer
  • Fixed an error when downloading a email that has a huge filesize
  • Blank screen during start up was fixed
  • Fixed various issues related to CORS