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This is the recommended way to deploy the add-in. This option allows Exchange administrators to deploy the add-in to either the whole organization or a select group of people while retaining full control over the add-in update process.

1. Go to the Microsoft 365 administration panel and go to 'Integrated apps'

2. Click on 'Upload custom apps'


3. In the next screen select the option 'I have a URL for the manifest file' and paste the URL from the clipboard (Manifest URL).


Please note that it must be the full URL including the https prefix.
You need to make sure, that the Cryptshare Server is available from outside, otherwise this step will fail.

4. Click on 'Validate' and, after successful validation, click on 'Next'.

5. Setup the access permissions for your users according to your needs.


6. Accept the requested permission to the add-in.


Please note, that without this permission, the OWA add-in cannot operate properly.

7. Continue the deployment wizard and finish the deployment process


The installation process is now finished and the add-in will be available to the users soon. Please note, that due to technical reasons provisioning can be delayed up to 12 hours.