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The Terms of Use that are defined under the Legal tab on the Cryptshare Server administration website can be downloaded by the Client, so that they can be presented to a user in a client side application. The endpoint returns a object, that consists of a last change timestamp and a list containing the Terms of Use for the various installed languages on the Cryptshare server.

GET https://<your-url>/api/products/

Here, multiple information are returned:

Description Property
Specifies whether terms of use are active or not. active
The date and time of the last change of the terms of use, or null, if the terms of use have never been changed. lastChangeTimestamp
The terms of use in specific languages. terms

The terms are a list of Terms of Use for all installed languages on the Cryptshare server and contain the following information:

Description Property
The locale of these Terms of Use locale
Title of the terms of use, in the respective language. title
Either an URL pointing to the terms of use (type 'link') or the content of the terms of use itself (type 'html') content
Specifies the value type of the content property. type