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In some cases it might be necessary to collect Log Data on the Cryptshare Server instead of the single client instances. For this the Cryptshare Server offers a way to collect log data that then can be accessed by Cryptshare administrators.

Get logging settings for a client id

For security reasons, the Cryptshare server does not allow logging of arbitrary clients. Allowed clients are identified by their client id. In order to register a specific client id to allow logging for it, a Cryptshare Server administrator has to add the client id in the Cryptshare Administration Interface.

GET https://<your-url>/api/products/

The request result contains the information if remote logging is enabled and which minimum log level is accepted for log messages.

Send log message to Cryptshare server

When the client id has been registered in the Cryptshare Server Administration Interface, messages and their log levels can be sent to and stored by the Cryptshare server.

The log messages will be sent as a list of Log Entry objects in the request body that contain the following information:

Description Property
ISO 8601 with 'T' separator and numeric timezone. timestamp
Assumes a severity ordering as specified by RFC 5424. level
The log message. message

POST https://<your-url>/api/logs