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Please note that the Cryptshare Server only allows this operation for verified sender addresses or verified email addresses (see Verification).

The Sender Transfer Polling endpoint allows API consumers to list all transfers the verified sender email address has sent.

Request all transfers of a given sender

GET https://<your-url>/api/users/<sender email-address>/transfers

Due to a possible large number of transfers, pagination is used for this endpoint.

The pagination parameters are query parameters for this endpoint.
Parameter name Default value Remarks
page 1 Page numbers are 1-indexed.
page-size 10 The maximum value for the page-size is 100.

The returned information contains a basic set of information for the transfers. Detailed information per transfer can be retrieved using the Transfer Status endpoint.

The basic set of transfer information
Description Property
The transfer identifier. trackingId
The current state of the transfer (see table below) state
A set of recipient objects with mail and their individual transfer-id. recipients
The URL for this transfer to access the Transfer Status endpoint href
Transfer States
State name Description
Active The transfer is available to be downloaded by the recipients.
Deleted_by_expiration The transfer is not available anymore, due to reaching the expiration date.
Deleted_by_revocation The transfer is not available anymore, due to revocation by the sender.
Deleted_by_admin The transfer is not available anymore, due to deletion by the Cryptshare server administrator via the Transfer Log.
Deleted_by_security The transfer is not available anymore, due to too many failed download attempts by recipients.
Processing The transfer is not available yet. The finalization of this transfer-session was triggered, but is not finished yet.
Failed The transfer is not available, due all files have been removed during finalization.
Unknown Transfers that were sent with Cryptshare version 5.7.0 and older have this state.


Depending on the Cryptshare Server setting it might be that not all sent transfers are available due to the Automated Deletion of Expired Log Entries. This means, all transfers that expired before the configured amount of days will not be returned by this endpoint.

Cryptshare offers the possibility for users to request a deletion of their user data. After the deletion of their data, their email address is replaced by a proxy email address. Therefore, the set of recipients of a transfer might change after a deletion.