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Each transfer has a unique tracking-id that identifies one sender, recipient set and file set. However, in order to identify each recipient individually, for each recipient a transfer-id is assigned. Thus, for accessing a transfer as a recipient, the transfer-id is required.

In order to secure transfer related information, a password for accessing them is required as well.

This password can either be provided via the header X-CS-Password or via the query parameter password. The password has to be URL-encoded.

General Transfer Information

With this endpoint, general information about a transfer can be retrieved.

The result body contains information about the total size of the transfer files in bytes and the used algorithm to create the files' checksums.

GET https://<your-url>/api/transfers/<transfer-id>

Transfer Files Information

With this endpoint, individual information about the transfer's files can be retrieved.

The result body contains the following fields for each file

Description Property
The ID of the file id
The name of the file fileName
The file size in bytes size
The checksum of the file. The used algorithm can be requested with the General Transfer Information endpoint. checksum
The download URL to get the contents of this file href

GET https://<your-url>/api/transfers/<transfer-id>/files