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Cryptshare servers offer the possibility to generate an OpenAPI documentation. This may come in handy if the Cryptshare server is not up-to-date and this documentation only applies to the most recent Cryptshare server version.

Activate the OpenAPI endpoint

For activating the OpenAPI endpoint, the file has to be created or modified to contain the following line:

After adding this entry in the file, please restart the Cryptshare server.

Based on the Cryptshare server version, the OpenAPI documentation is then available via a specific URL:

  • Cryptshare Server version 6.0.0 and 6.1.0: https://<your-url>/api/api-docs?group=cryptshare-ui-api-1
  • Cryptshare Server version 6.2.0 and newer: https://<your-url>/api/api-docs/cryptshare-ui-api-1

Further details how the file has to be configured can be found in the chapter Cryptshare Server - Advanced Configuration.