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New Features

Get Pre-Processing Output

Starting with Cryptshare Server version 5.3.0, the captured pre-processing output introduced in version 5.2.0 is made available to the API. To access the output, use getPreprocessingOutput() of the TransferError object that is provided by the IUploadCompleteHandler:

public void uploadComplete(Map<String, String> urlMappings, Map<String, String> smtpMappings, String serverGenPassword,
        TransferError transferError, String trackingId) {
    System.out.println("Upload complete!");
    transferError.getPreProcessingOutputs().forEach(info -> {
        System.out.println("Output for file '" + info.getTransferFileName() + "':");

For more information about how to configure pre-processing output, see the corresponding section in the Cryptshare Server manual.

Additional Changes

  • Several third-party libraries have been updated.
  • A typo in an error message has been fixed.