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The licence information of the current Cryptshare Server installation and the Add-On Product's own licence information can be queried from the server using the Client's requestLicenseInfo() method. The method returns a LicenseInfo object containing the licence status of the Cryptshare Server and the Add-On Product, as well as the respective licence and subscription expiration dates in the LocalDate format.

Example: Requesting the License Information

// First create the Client instance
// Create a WebServiceUri for your Cryptshare Server 
WebServiceUri serviceUri = new WebServiceUri("https://cryptshare.server.com");
// Create a CryptshareConnection instance for your WebServiceUri
CryptshareConnection connection = new CryptshareConnection(serviceUri);
// Create the Client instance with the sender's email address, 
// the CryptshareConnection, and the path to the verification store.
Client client = new Client("sender_email@server.com", connection, Paths.get("C:\\\\temp"));

// Request the License Information
LicenseInfo licenseInfo = client.requestLicenseInfo();

System.out.println("Server license expiration date: " + 
System.out.println("Server subscription expiration date: " + 
System.out.println("Is server license valid? " + licenseInfo.isServerLicenseValid());
System.out.println("Product license expiration date: " + 
System.out.println("Product subscription expiration date: " + 
System.out.println("Is product license valid? " + licenseInfo.isProductLicenseValid());