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If the Cryptshare Server using the Pre-Processing of files, the information of the result can be obtained, if processing fails for one or more files.

Output of the Pre-Processing Result
The Pre-Processing result depends on the chosen mode in the server configuration. More information about Pre-Processing can be found here.

The TransferError object contains a List of PreProcessingOutputInfo. This class wraps the following strings:

  1. transferFileName: Gets the preprocessing result file name.
  2. preProcessingOutput: Gets the preprocessing result output message. The content of the message can be configured in the Cryptshare Pre-Processing admin settings area.


public class UploadCompleteHandler implements IUploadCompleteHandler {
	public void uploadComplete(Map<String, String> urlMappings, Map<String, String> smtpMappings, String serverGenPassword,
			TransferError transferError, String trackingId) {
		if (transferError != null && transferError.getPreProcessingOutputs() != null) {
			for (int i = 0; i < transferError.getPreProcessingOutputs().size(); i++) {
				final PreProcessingOutputInfo preProcessingOutputInfo = transferError.getPreProcessingOutputs().get(i);
						"Pre-Processing result %d\nTransferFileName: '%s'\nPreProcessingOutput: '%s'%n",