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This page describes the general update process of the core component of Cryptshare for NTA 7516, the Cryptshare Mail Gateway. Additional information about specific version updates are mentioned on their respective pages.


  • Create a backup/snapshot of the system before installing, to restore the initial state easily.

Update Steps

  1. Copy the installation package file to your home directory.
  2. Remove or rename the setup directory (cmg-setup) of a previous installation, if one exists in your home directory.
  3. Extract the installation package:
    tar -xzf cmg-setup-<version>.tar.gz
    Whereby <version> is the version of the product.
  4. Impersonate as root user:
    sudo su
  5. cd into the extracted directory and start the setup program:
    cd cmg-setup
  6. If a previous version of Cryptshare Mail Gateway is detected on the system, the following two options are displayed:
    • Reinstall <new version>: This performs the complete installation process as for a new system. Please note that this will reset some existing, possibly manually adjusted configurations to their original state.
    • Update from <old version> to <new version>: This only performs the steps that are required for the update.
  7. Choose Update from <old version> to <new version>.