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Important Update Notes

Breaking Changes

Sender Verifications

Sender verifications performed with previous versions of the Cryptshare Robot cannot be used by versions >= 4.0.0 of the robot for compatibility reasons and must therefore be recreated.

Client Store Update

The existing client store is updated, which means that it can then only be used with versions >= 4.0.0 of the robot.

Date Format

Previously, several non-standard date formats were accepted. This has been changed to only support the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'.

Changes in this version

Introducing the "Strict" Mode

In the case of a successful transfer and also in the case of transfers in which individual (but not all) files were removed during transfer processing (e.g. through pre-processing in the case of a virus detection), the exit code 0 was always returned up to now.

By activating the "Strict" Mode it is now possible to obtain a separate exit code in the case of transfers where a subset of files have been removed (440). With this, a programmatic distinction between a completely successful and a partially failed transfer is possible.

More information for the "Strict" Mode and the Exit Codes can be found in the corresponding articles.

Display of the tracking ID and transfer IDs for each recipient

In this version, the tracking ID of the transfer and the transfer IDs for each recipient are displayed after a transfer has been performed. This allows further processing of these two pieces of information in connected systems.

Additional Changes

  • The server url and sender address for password encryption are now optional.
  • Fixed a problem with the proxy parameter.