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Single User Deployment behaviour has recently changed.
Due to recent changes made by Microsoft regarding Outlook on the Web, the procedure of side-loading addins on a single user basis requires, as of December 2023, accessing a hidden webpage. This procedure is subject to further change with rollouts of "Outlook One." If possible, you should deploy the Cryptshare Add-in through Microsoft Exchange Online.


Please note that this option is only suitable for users who use Outlook On The Web through a single-user license.

If possible, we highly recommend you to leave the deployment of the Add-in to an experienced administrator. Among other things, you won't be able to benefit from these features:

  • Automatic updates when the administrator deploys a new Add-in version
  • Better technical support due to more advanced logging capabilities


For single user deployment instructions, please refer to the official Microsoft Documentation on how to use Add-ins in Outlook On The Web.