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This is the administration manual for Cryptshare for OWA. Cryptshare for OWA is an add-in of the Cryptshare product family and integrates into the Outlook Online environment. Please take a look at www.cryptshare.com for further product information

Contents of this manual

This manual is for Cryptshare administrators and Outloook Exchange Online administrators. It contains information about the prerequisites which need to be met in order to install and maintain the Cryptshare for OWA add-In.

What is Outlook on the Web (OWA) ?

Outlook Web App, Outlook on the web or Outlook Web Access (OWA), is a technology developed by Microsoft for accessing email mailboxes via a web browser and is a webmail service that connects to a Microsoft Exchange Server. The web browser interface of OWA hardly differs from the Microsoft Outlook client itself. It runs on all modern browsers, PC, Mac, Linux and iOS/Android.

Starting with Microsoft Exchange 2003, Outlook Web Access is much broader than a pure browser-based access to Exchange. Via HTTP and HTTPS other services are tunneled as well. For example to connect mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs with ActiveSync. This allows those devices access via wireless networks, such as GPRS, UMTS or HSDPA.

This makes the OWA technology ideal for use outside the office.