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Obtaining a Cryptshare for OWA Release

You can get the latest version of Cryptshare for OWA in the Cryptshare Customer section on the Pointsharp GmbH web site.


Installation of the OWA Add-In is basically done in 3 steps:

  • Installation of the add-in on the Cryptshare Server
Please also note in this context the information about SSL & HTTPS Access
  • Installation of necessary language packages on the Cryptshare Server
  • Deploying the add-in for users via Microsoft Exchange Online

Installing the add-in on the Cryptshare Server

Open the administration interface of the Cryptshare Server and go to Add-on Products → Cryptshare for OWA. The first tab in this section shows general information about the installed add-in and offers the possibility to upload an OWA package.

1. Click on 'Browse...' and select the zip file previously downloaded

72319893.png 72319892.png

2. Click on 'Provide Add-In' to start the upload process


3. After the add-in has been installed successfully, the version label shows the version number of the installed add-in


4. Copy the Manifest URL into the local clipboard by selecting it with the mouse and pressing CTRL+C


Proceed with the deployment of the add-in that you have installed on the Cryptshare Server:

Installation of necessary language packages

Please refer to 'Installing Language Packages' for instructions on how to install a language package on the Cryptshare Server. You can get the latest language package for the add-in under 'Language Packages'