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This page shows general statistics about the the way Cryptshare is being used.


By default the statistics period includes the last 30 days.


Active/Passive Members

72320126.png When a user's email is within a licensed domain and has been used both for sending and receiving a Cryptshare transfer, they count as an active member only.


An user can be a sender or a recipient of a Cryptshare transfer. When an users email is within the license they are counted as member. 72320123.png



Transfer volume

Inbound: Sum of transfer total file sizes where the sender's email address is not in the licensed domain(s). Outbound/Internal: Sum of transfer total file sizes where the sender's email address is in the licensed domain(s). 72320125.png

Send statistics

When set the first administrator email in the System Notifications is used. When no email is set, the default value is [[1]] The statistics that are sent contains the information in Telemetry->Which data is transferred? without the Cryptshare Server version and the administrator email addresses. 72320127.png