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The license section shows the current Cryptshare license installed on the system and provides the possibility to install a new license. Please refer to the section Importing the Cryptshare Licence Key for license installation instructions. The licence key limits the usage of the system to the registered email domains. During each transfer Cryptshare checks if either the sender or the recipient of the transfer is part of the licensed email domains. This prevents third parties from exchanging files with each other via your Cryptshare system. This feature prevails even if a policy rule is set up that would allow third parties to communicate with each other.


The Cryptshare Server can automatically inform the administrator about an expiring license. How often and how early before the license actually is expired can be setup in the license section. 51971939.png

What happens if the license expires?

All Cryptshare products have an expiration date and a subscription date. If the expiration date exceeds, the product cannot be used any longer. If the subscription expires, Updates will not be available any longer. If the Cryptshare Server license has expired all other Cryptshare products cannot be used as well.