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Email Layout

This new section provides an interface for the customization of the HTML Email Layout. It is possible to change the color and the application logo in the upper left corner of each email

All email notifications in Cryptshare have an application logo in the upper left corner of the email header. This logo can be replaced by your own logo.To replace the logo, simply upload a new logo here, according to the requirements listed below.You can see the result in the email preview at the bottom.


  • Only PNG graphics are allowed
  • The maximum width of the image should be 200 pixels
  • The color space should be set to RGB
Under certain circumstances, the email logo can not be exchanged directly and the process terminates with an error message.

In this case you should restart the Cryptshare server and try again. Please check also the above prerquisites.

If this does not lead to the desired result, please read this knowledgebase Article: Email logo cannot be uploaded on the Administration Interface

Email Colors

For email notifications there are 7 pre-defined color settings which can be changed by using the respective color pickers.

Color Pickers

Color Selection

Select the preferred color by either clicking on it using your mouse or entering a HEX value into the input field below.


Use the reset button of each color picker to restore the color which was saved at last.

Color Sections within the Email

Header 1

Right now this header is only used for the recipient notification. All other notifications do only use the setting for Header 2.

Header 2

This color setting is used throughout all email notifications as background for the title of the email.


The content of the email is centered. The background setting sets the color for the surrounding area of the main content.

Content Background

The background color sets the background of the email content.


The main color setting for the message text and other text pasages.

Foot Left

Sets the background color for the left section within the email footer.

Foot Right

Sets the background color for the right section within the email footer.

Default Colors/Reset to Defaults

Clicking the button 'Default Colors' will restore the default Cryptshare Color Settings.

HTML Emails are highly customizable. Please read the chapter for HTML Email Templates for details.