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Is my Cryptshare Installation affected?

The steps described in this page should be performed if you are about to update your Cryptshare Server from Version 4.0 to 4.1 and an Archiving Connector is active. In all other cases no further action is required.

What can happen if I do not follow the instructions of this page?

If the steps within this page have not been performed the archiving meta-information will not contain an information which hashing algorithm was used for the transfer files.

Server Version Used Algorithm
4.0 and Older SHA-1
4.1 SHA-256

Adding the hashing algorithm type to exisiting Archiving Meta-Data

Approach 1: Replace existing configuration and create a new one

As the meta-data template for archiving connectors will be updated with the latest Velocity Context you can simply remove an existing configuration and create a new one. This way the checksum algorithm type will be included in your meta-data. Please follow the documentation for Archiving in order to setup a new configuration.

Customizations will be lost
Please note that using this approach existing customizations on templates or the configuration itself will be lost.

Approach 2: Modifying an existing configuration RECOMMENDED

1. Open the Cryptshare Administration Interface and navigate to 'Archiving → Meta-Data


2\. Scroll down to the recipients tag and paste the below snippet under the end tag for recipients.

#if (${fileChecksumAlgorithm})
	<field name="fileChecksumAlgorithm">${fileChecksumAlgorithm}</field>

3\. Save the Settings