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The Cryptshare for OWA add-in writes logging information into the JavaScript console of the browser. Considering the likely high amount of users/clients working with the add-in, error analysis can get very time-consuming and complicated this way. In order to make this process easier for administrators and users, the add-in is equipped with a so called remote logging feature. This allows administrators to receive logging information from clients at a central place, the Cryptshare Server.

Activate remote logging

In case of problems remote logging can be activated for Cryptshare for OWA add-ins. The Cryptshare Server then writes all log messages from clients to a dedicated system log. There are 5 different log-levels, Info, Warning, Error, Debug and Trace. To activate remote logging for an add-in enter the corresponding client ID, a description and the preferred log level.

  1. Log-In as an Administrator to the Cryptshare-Server
  2. Navigate to the upper right column 'Add-On Products', then to the left column 'Cryptshare for OWA' and finally to the Logging section.

20 Remotelogging EN.png

  1. Choose a corresponding Log-Level
  2. Enter the Description
  3. Enter the Client-ID
  4. Press 'Add Client'
  5. Click on 'Save changes'