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Existing Knowledge Base Articles

Title Creator Modified
Server unreachable after restart or update - Web UI Code 500 Simon Behrle May 18, 2021
Cryptshare Server running on Hyper-V is not available Bohdan Dulya Apr 28, 2021
Setting up Management Interface (IPMI) Alexander Lakner Mar 29, 2021
Disabling sending of email about failed OS upgrade Bohdan Dulya Mar 18, 2021
Mails can not be sent with enabled SPF Alexander Lakner Feb 12, 2021
SSL certificates Alexander Lakner Nov 30, 2020
Library not registered HRESULT: 0x8002801D Birger Wehrenbrecht Jun 26, 2020
Start failed after SSL certificate installation Bohdan Dulya Jun 15, 2020
Logo is not shown in Emails René Hartwig Jan 13, 2020 1
The requested public SSL certificate cannot be imported Bohdan Dulya Nov 12, 2019
How CSRF protection is working in Cryptshare René Hartwig Nov 08, 2019
Cryptshare service is not starting on Linux server Bohdan Dulya Nov 07, 2019
Restoring distribution upgrade backup Dennis Geisert Nov 05, 2019
Shared mailbox is not recognized by the Add-in Adem Aydin Oct 29, 2019
How to disable the Cryptshare Office Share add-in Adem Aydin Oct 24, 2019
Freeing Disk Space on a Cryptshare Server René Hartwig Oct 01, 2019
Repository appears to be outdated Alexander Lakner Sep 25, 2019
Exception with message "LoadServerSettingsOnStartupAsync" is thrown when launching Outlook Adem Aydin Sep 24, 2019
Migrating Cryptshare Marc Hofmann Sep 24, 2019
The Cryptshare Server becomes unresponsive under high load. Felix Rilling Sep 13, 2019

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