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New Functionality

  • Configuration files can be used rather than adding the parameters to the command line (details can be found here: Using the Program)
  • New parameters to query server data
    • Query general server data (-qs, --queryServerData)
    • Query licence information (-li, --queryLicenseInfo)
  • New parameters to modify a new transfer
    • Expiration Date (-exp, --expirationDate)
    • Confidential Message (-cm, --confidentialMessage)
    • Confidential Message Subject (-cz, --confidentialSubject)
    • Language Pack Major Version (-lv,--languagePackMajorVersion)
    • Password Mode (-pm, --passwordmode)
  • German localization has been added. On a system with the language set to German, the Robot output text will be German as well.



Cryptshare Server or newer is required.


If the password parameter (-p or —password) is not set, the robot will now use the Cryptshare Server’s “No Password” Mode, rather than generating and appending one on its own.

Exit Codes

Overhauled exit codes to better fit with the new parameters (details can be found here: Exit Codes).


Output text has been changed; If in your setup the output text of the Robot is checked to determine the result of an action, you might need to adapt the detection to check for the new texts. List of the most important ones:

  • Verification Check
    • Sender Verification
      • “This client is NOT verified.” -> “The sender sender@yourdomain.com is NOT verified. The server is configured to require sender verification.”
    • Client Verification
      • “This client is NOT verified.” -> “This client is NOT verified. The server is configured to require client verification.”
    •  “This sender is verified.” -> “This client/sender is verified.”
  • Verification Request
    • “Verifying code ... GOOD” -> “Verifying code ... verification successful!”
    • “Verifying code ... FAILED” -> “Verifying code ... verification failed!”
  • Transfer Completion
    • “DONE” -> “Transfer completed!